Next Game September 3rd + Rules Update

Our public Airsoft session is growing!  Special thanks to the guys from NBR Airsoft for helping us get a solid set of rules started.  airsoft


AIRSOFT is a game of honor. Play with honor, treat people like you want to be treated, and HAVE FUN! This is a sport and a hobby, not life and death. If someone is not being respectful, not playing with honor, not calling their own hits, etc., PLEASE TALK TO AN ADMIN. We are there to make sure this is a safe and friendly environment for ALL players.
Any rule breaking will lead to being asking to leave and banishment for life from the field.

ALL PLAYERS MUST SIGN A WAIVER BEFORE PLAYER. Players under 18 need parental consent. Download waiver HERE.


-Properly eye protection (see below) must be worn at ALL TIMES while games are in progress and are not in the prep area. If a player is seen with their eye pro off on the field while a game is in progress, you may be asked to leave. If you witness this, call “BLIND MAN” to indicate to other player that the game has been paused to investigate this or move the player to the prep area. If your goggles fog, DO NOT take them off to unfog them. Return to the prep area and do it there, or purchase mesh goggles as they do not fog up.

-You MUST have FULL seal eye pro (no shooting glasses, ski goggles, etc.). Your goggles must seal fully around your eye so that NO BBS can get in from ANY angle. Other players may have them to loan out, but if you do not have correct eye wear, you will not be able to play.

-A lower or full face mask is ALWAYS recommended. Teeth can get shot out, lips busted, etc.

-If you are under 18, you MUST have full face protection!

-All airsoft guns must be in bags until on the field! Any player carrying an airsoft gun in the open when not on the field will be asked to leave. This will be HEAVILY enforced.

-Please do NOT cheat! You will be banned! We DON’T want to ban you!



-Grenades that shoots BBs are ok.
-Thunder B’s are not allowed.
-Please present smoke grenades to ref for inspection before use.



-Call your OWN hits! Do NOT call others out!
-Hits include anything on your person. This includes your GUN, hat, shoes, laces, pouches, etc. Anything that is connected to your body that is hit counts as a hit.
-Ricochets DO NOT count. Shots must be a direct hit to count.

-A safety is when one player has another dead-to-right and you are under the minimum engagement distance. You may safety to players at one time.

-This is when two players have each other dead-to-right and are at an unsafe distance. Each player will agree to a parley and walk to a safe distance and resume. These players can still be shot by other players. A parley is an agreement between two players and no one else.

-Absolutely NO blind fire. You must be looking down your gun shooting, not shooting around/over objects blindly. This is HIGHLY unsafe.

-Sniper are to be used to players 18 and older ONLY.
-Engagement distance: 100 Feet (there are VERY FEW places on the field to effectively snipe, AEGS are highly recommended)
-Semi auto or bolt action ONLY

-Engagement distance: 20 Feet minimum

Anything over 400 FPS MUST be fired in SEMI auto!

PISTOLS: 10ft engagement range, 400 FPS limits, no CO2 revolvers with HIGH FPS
-There is a 10 FPS grace limit-


Starting from July, we’ll be hosting airsoft sessions the first Saturday of each month.


Where:  ForestFire Paintball, 17022 Burn Road, Arlington, WA 98223

When:  July 2nd, from 11am-3pm.

Contact: 425.879.2102

Cost: $20 per player, includes play from 11am-3pm.

ALL PLAYERS MUST SIGN A WAIVER BEFORE PLAYER.  Players under 18 need parental consent.  Download waiver HERE.


BYOBBs ok, BIO-BBs only.  All equipment must chrono <400fps w/ .20g bbs.
More info TBA.